Instagram · Top 30 for 2016

Top 30 of 2016

Play Learn Kids started this year in August with an Instagram account to help inspire others to add some creativity and fun into their day to day lives with their little ones.  I never imagined that I was entering a community of supportive, passionate and creative parents and caregivers that would inspire me and my… Continue reading Top 30 of 2016


Hand Print Christmas Crafts

There is something so special about your little ones handprint.  They will never be this small again and one day we will look back and won’t believe our child’s hands were so tiny!  This is why there are SO many crafts that use your child’s handprint.  Here are some of our favorite, and easy, ones… Continue reading Hand Print Christmas Crafts


5 Easy Homemade Ornaments For Children

In our home we have two trees.  One in the living room that I get to decorate and one in the playroom that they girls can go crazy with.  Every year they love to make their own ornaments to hang on their special tree.  The ornaments come out every year and they bring back such… Continue reading 5 Easy Homemade Ornaments For Children


Salt Dough Ornaments You Can Make Today

Making salt dough ornaments is a family tradition in many households and for good reason.  You can make them with three simple ingredients that you most likely already have; flour, salt and water.  Watching the little ones knead the dough, use the cookie cutters to cut the shapes, bake them, decorate them and then hang… Continue reading Salt Dough Ornaments You Can Make Today

Christmas · Gift Guide · Sugar Body Scrub

Homemade Sugar Body Scrub-The Perfect Gift

The Holiday Season is upon us and with that comes gift giving to teachers and neighbors.  The children have their main teachers, teacher aides, a student teacher, Principal, art, technology, PE, music, dance, keyboard, Spanish and swim teacher.  All of these people pour endless amounts of attention onto my children in order to help me in… Continue reading Homemade Sugar Body Scrub-The Perfect Gift

Colored Rice · Letters

Wooden Letters Activities

We love our Wooden Alphabet Blocks (click here to purchase through Amazon) and get so much use out of them.  Our 3 year old has learned all of her letters mainly through this puzzle.  My daughter, like lots of other children, is a hands on learner and these activities allow her to hold the letters and… Continue reading Wooden Letters Activities

Counting · Numbers

Counting Activities For Preschoolers

Counting activities for preschoolers should be fun and very hands on.  We want our little ones to have a positive first experience with math that will carry them through their school years.  Following are some activities that will help with number identification, counting and one to one correspondence. Christmas Trees With Ornaments: Have the little… Continue reading Counting Activities For Preschoolers

Colored Rice · Sensory Bin

Making Colored Rice & 5 Fun Play Ideas

Supplies to make colored rice: Vinegar Ziploc Bags Measuring Cup 1/4 measuring teaspoon Food Dye Uncooked Rice Cup (optional) Baking Tray Step 1: I like to place my ziploc bag into a cup to make sure it doesn’t fall over.  Carefully pour 1 cup of uncooked rice into your ziploc bag. Step 2: Pour 1/4… Continue reading Making Colored Rice & 5 Fun Play Ideas

Thanksgiving · Turkey · Turkey Cups

Cute Turkey Cups For a Festive Feast

My daughter’s wonderful 1st grade class is holding a Thanksgiving Feast today.  By the time I signed up to bring something, only ‘cups’ was left.  I was going to turn my ‘boring’ assignment into something so cute that the kids would love.  My daughter voted for the turkey theme and these cute guys were created.… Continue reading Cute Turkey Cups For a Festive Feast