Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Crafts

Heart Prints: Fold an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll into the shape of a heart. Have you child dip it in paint and stamp away!  A super simple way for even the littlest ones to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit!

TP roll heart prints for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin:  Sensory bins can magically keep your child occupied for hours!  They love to pour, scoop, mix, discover and search for treasures.  Dye your rice, click here for directions, add shovels, brushes, pales, cups and glass beads.  Make sure to only give the glass beads to children over the age of 3 and under the supervision of an adult.

Valentine's Day sensory bin

Oil Pastels on Dark Paper:  Try coloring with oil pastels on dark paper to create some eye catching Valentine’s hearts.  We used black paper hearts and loved the way all of the colors popped on it!

Valentine's Day oil pastels on black heart

Water Color Resist Hearts:  Using a thick white glue, like Elmer’s, draw your design.  Let dry completely.  Use water colors to paint your picture.  The paint will not show up on the parts where there is glue.

Valentine's Day glue and water color painting

Valentine’s Day Homemade Play-Doh:  Make your own pink play doh, recipe here, and use heart shape cookie cutters to create Valentine’s day hearts.  You can also add some pink glass beads, straws and glitter to take your play to the next level.

Homemade playdoh

Counting Hearts:  Have you child use a heart shaped hole puncher, click here to purchase, to create lots of little, colored hearts.  Place numbers, or write your own, in a line.  Have your child place the corresponding hearts above each number.

Counting practice for preschoolers

Hot Air Balloon:  Create these ‘Love’ hot air balloons by combining a painting heart to a woven paper ‘basket’ using pipe cleaners.

Valentine's Day hot air balloon

Cookie Cutter Stencils:  Using cookie cutters as a stencil can help little ones create perfect hearts!

Valentine's Day heart hacks

Paint on Foil:  Create some Valentine’s day art with a piece of foil, paint and a q-tip.  Once your are finished your creation, roll out the paint to start all over with a new picture.

Valentine's Day paint on foil heart

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