Color Mixing

Teaching Color Mixing To Preschoolers

Color mixing is magic to preschoolers.  Being able to combine two colors to create a third is thrilling.  Preschoolers also LOVE water play.  That is why this activity is such a hit for little ones.  Get some plastic squirt bottles, click here to purchase, add some food coloring and provide some containers.  We used 2 empty jam jars but anything will work. We placed everything on a tray to help with the inevitable drips and splashes!

Start off with your three primary colors; red, yellow and blue.  You can give your child just two colors at a time if they are very young, this way they don’t just start combing all three colors at once.  Use the following color combinations:

Blue + Yellow= Green

Color Mixing

Red + Yellow= Orange

color mixing

Red + Blue= Purple

color mixing

You can also play around with the shades of a color.  For example, make green out of blue and yellow.  Once you have your green you can change the shade of it.  Add more yellow to make a light green or add some more blue to make a darker green.

Green + Yellow= Light Green

Color Mixing

After your child has created her colors, let him/her have some fun!  My daughter had a blast trying to make different color combinations.  Squeezing the squirt bottles is excellent for developing those hand muscles for beginning writing too!

color mixing

This is also a great way for you child to practice her pouring skills too without any fear of having an unwanted spill.  Make sure to have everything on a tray and have a spare towel or rag near by.

color mixingIt is important to let your child have some free time to experiment and play.  Try not to step in and ‘help’ them.  Right here you can see my daughter filling up this jar to the top.  I desperately wanted to warn her to stop or else it would overflow but then I would be denying her a great learning moment.  I remained silent as the jar spilled over, splashing green liquid everywhere (thank goodness for my tray!)   This occurred 3 more times until she realized, on her own, to stop once the liquid had reached the top.

color mixing

And of course at the end of any ‘color mixing’ experiment, you end up with this color….

color mixing

We hope you have as much fun with this experiment as we did.


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