Process Art · Wall Mural

Process Art Mural

Children love to create art on a large scale.  In some cases this means a lot of work, a lot of mess and a lot of time.  We have come up with a super easy and fun process art wall mural that will make any child feel like a true artist.


Paint Brush- Click Here To Purchase

Water Colors- Click Here To Purchase

Water Jar


Contact Paper- Click Here To Purchase

Hole Puncher- Click Here To Purchase A Similar One

Painters Tape- Click Here To Purchase

Step One:  Give your child paper and water colors and let them create!  The whole paper doesn’t have to be filled in.  You can even recycle old paintings they have done in the past for this.  Let dry.

Water Painting

Step Two: Using a large hole puncher, punch out as many holes as you can from your painting.  Set aside.

Hole Punching Water Painting Murals

Step Three: Cut out the amount of contact paper you want and tape it, using painters tape, to the wall, sticky side facing outwards.  Stick up all of your punched out circles.  You can overlap them to make sure there isn’t any contact paper left open.  I kept all of the circles in a small basket on the ground and the girls took some time after school each day placing them up.  It was a nice quiet activity that kept them busy for a few days.

Wall Mural

Step Four: Cut out another piece of contact paper to match your first piece.  Stick the sticky side to your art mural.  This seals your mural so no paper circles will fall off.  You can ‘frame’ your mural with additional painters tape for a more finished look.

wall Mural

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