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Fun Activity To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Fruits And Veggies- Free Worksheet

I’m not sure about you, but in our house it is always a daily struggle to have our girls eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  They have their staples, which is great, but they won’t venture much beyond that.  Growing up my mother always told us to eat the rainbow, the more colors, the better.  I came up with a worksheet for my girls and I was so surprised how well it worked!  The very first day we used the worksheet they tried brussels sprouts, blueberries (not sure why they would never eat them before), purple potatoes and orange bell peppers!  I would say this activity was a success!  We now use a new worksheet everyday and they challenge each other, and us, to ‘eat our rainbow’!

Fun Way To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Veggies Free Printable Worksheet

The worksheet is simple.  Whenever you eat a fruit or vegetable, color in the corresponding color on your rainbow.  We used Kwik Stix (click here to purchase) to ‘paint’ the rainbow.  They are solid tempera paint sticks which is a great way to paint without all of the mess!  You can make any changes to the ‘rules’ as you want that will work for your family.  We have tweaked our rules over time.  If we have already eaten something green and then eat something else that is green, we are then allowed to color in any other color that we may have blank.  At first we let them color in a stripe on the rainbow for just trying a piece of something new.  One bite of a vegetable that they have never tried before does deserve some celebration.  As time went on, we expected the amount to be a little bit more.  You can leave the clouds blank or use them as bonus spaces.  We color in a cloud when we eat a healthy protein.  Think salmon, eggs, nuts or beans.

Click Here To Get Your Free Worksheet.

Free Worksheet To Help Kids Eat Their Vegetables

We hope this worksheet helps with expanding your children’s food horizons!  Happy Eating!



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