Science Experiments

Quick And Easy Science Experiments For Kids

Pencils through a bag science experiment

Pencils Through A Bag: This looks more like a magic trick than a science experiment! Impress your kids, and yourself with this simple experiment.  Fill a plastic bag with water, twist the top to tighten the bag and give some tension to the plastic. Sharpen your pencils so they are very sharp. Hold the bag over the sink, just to be cautious, and pierce the bag with your pencil. Push it through to the other side but leave it so it is still blocking both holes. If you do this correctly, the water will not leak out. We ended up having 15 pencils in the bag! Have the children estimate how many pencils, of any they think can go through without the water coming out. Afterwards talk to them about why they think this worked.

Make Your Own Rock Candy

Make Your Own Rock Candy: This experiment was just as fun to create as it was for my girls to eat! You can tie string around a pencil like we did or you could buy the wooden swivel sticks (Click here to purchase).  Heat 2 cups of water on the stove. Add a few drops of food coloring if you want your candy to be colored. Slowly add around 6 cups of sugar 1/4 cup at a time.  Wait until the sugar dissolves before adding more. Once all the sugar has completely dissolved, pour the liquid mixture into a tall glass. Carefully place the string in. Make sure the string isn’t touching the sides of the glass. The rock candy will take 2-3 days to form. My children loved watching the crystals form and made an entry in the science journals twice a day to show the progress.

Dinosaur Ice Escape Experiment For Kids

Dinosaur Ice Escape: My girls LOVE this activity so much that we do it at least once every couple weeks. Freeze a bunch of their small, plastic toys in a shallow dish (Click here to order dinosaurs like we used). Once frozen, take it out and give your children some tools to help the dinosaurs escape. Salt, warm water, hammers, small towels and anything else they want to use. It’s fun for them to experiment and see what helps get the dinosaurs out the quickest. We now time our girls and they see if they can beat their last time.

Oil And Water Don't Mix Science Experiement

Oil and Water: We froze colored water in the freezer in these cute heart shaped molds (Click here to order). We then filled a shallow dish with clear, baby oil. We added the frozen hearts in and the girls played with them in the oil. As the hearts started to melt, we tried to combine the oil and water. My girls stired, poured, beat, froze and heat the mixture trying desperately to mix the two.

Skittle Experiment

Skittle Experiment: This experiment has been huge on social media recently. It’s simple, colorful and delicious (we saved a few to taste test). On a shallow plate, place your skittles around in a circle. Pour Luke warm water into the center of the plate until the water is half covering your skittles. Wait patiently and you will start to see the colors come off the candy and into the water. Have your children guess before hand what will happen. What pattern will it be? Would the colors mix? Would the colors meet in the middle?

Rain Cloud Science Experiment

Rain Cloud: Fill a clear container 3/4 with water. Fill the rest of the container with shaving cream. Color some water with food dye and have your children use pipettes or droppers to place the liquid ‘rain’ onto the shaving cream. Watch the rain work it’s way through the cloud and come out below.

Straw Science Experiment

Bent Straw: This is an old one but a good one. Place a straw into a glass of water. See what the children observe. Does it appear bent? Does the straw in the water appear bigger. Get the talking about the changes and why they think it might occurs.

Tornado In A Jar Science Experiement

Tornado In A Jar: Fill a jar 2/3 full with water. Add 1tspn vinegar and 1tspn dish soap. We added a couple drops of food coloring but it is easier to see the tornado when it is clear. Tightly secure the lid and and twirl the jar in a circular motion. You will start to see the vortex of the tornado form. Hold the jar and watch your tornado take off.

Walking Water Science Experiment

Walking Water:  Fill two glasses half way with colored water. We chose yellow and blue because mixed together they create green. Place an EMPTY glass in between then. Fold a paper towel three times length ways and place one end into the colored water and the other end into the empty glass. Do this again with your other glass. Ask your children what they think will happen and why. Watch as the water ‘walks’ up the paper towel and starts to fill the empty glass. Ours made this beautiful green water!

Dancing Milk Science Experiment

Dancing Milk: Pour milk into a shallow dish.  Add some drops of food coloring into different places in the milk.  Dip a Q-Tip into some dish soap and then place them into your milk.  Watch the milk ‘dance’.


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