Instagram · Top 30 for 2016

Top 30 of 2016

Play Learn Kids started this year in August with an Instagram account to help inspire others to add some creativity and fun into their day to day lives with their little ones.  I never imagined that I was entering a community of supportive, passionate and creative parents and caregivers that would inspire me and my time with my children.  I am deeply grateful and shocked by the positive feedback I have received and in a few short months have over 5,000 followers.  While thinking of a final post to end 2016, I decided I would list the top 30 most liked Instagram posts from @PlayLearnKids If you aren’t already following me, you can check me out here.  I am so excited for what 2017 has install for Play Learn Kids and I can’t wait to share the new year with all of you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the love, support and inspiration!

1. Fork Painting: This post brought in the most likes of the year and it is easy to see why.  It is such a simple idea that can be done by all ages and the results speak for themselves.  Visit my other blog post for more Unique Painting Tools That Kids Will Love!

Fork Painting Flowers

2. Pencils Through A Bag: This is such an incredible science experiment.  All you need is a plastic bag, water and some super sharp pencils.  It is one you have to see to believe! For more fun, yet easy, science experiments, visit my other post Quick And Easy Science Experiments For Kids.

Pencils through a bag science experiment

3. TP Roll Painting: We save up all of our empty TP and paper towel rolls.  We always dipped them in paint to create circles but one day decided to tape 5 together and the result was so gorgeous that we actually framed it!

TP roll painting

4. Cheerios and Spaghetti Threading: There is nothing better for quiet time than a great fine motor skill activity and this one is number 1 in our home.  Stick uncooked spaghetti into playdoh and have your child thread cheerios on them until they fill up each piece of spaghetti.

Cheerio and Spaghetti threading fine motor skills

5. Painting With Legos: My children love painting AND playing with Legos so one day we decided to combine the two!  My children were a bit hesitant at first that they were actually allowed to cover their blocks with paint but then they couldn’t get enough of it.  We ended up framing this piece of art and it now is proudly displayed in their play room.

Painting With Legos

6.  Leaf Rubbings:  This is an activity that I did back in my childhood that I loved.  We also did coin rubbings too which I always found to be so magical.  I tried this with my children and they loved that they could ‘draw’ such realistic leaves!  Fun, easy and all you need is a leaf, paper and a crayon. Visit my other blog post Leaf Rubbings for more ideas.

Leaf Rubbings

7.  Paper Hair Cuts:  This is a fun one that really helps with learning scissor skills and strengthening those fine motor skills.  Wrap some colored paper around an empty toilet paper roll, cut downwards to create ‘hair’, add a face and they are ready to give some hair cuts.

TP Roll Paper Haircuts

8. Car Art: Tape some markers to the back of toy cars and let your children drive the cars around on some paper.  They will have so much fun making cool designs.  Get extra creative by taping more than one marker to a car.

Car Art

9. Flower Math Game:  My daughter created this game and I think it is not only beautiful to look at but is such a great learning tool.  We keep all the pieces in a mason jar and bring it out to play with and to add more flowers and more petals as she can create more complex equations. Visit my other blog post, Flower Math Game for more details.

Flower Math Art

10. Apple Pumpkin Stamps:  This activity was a big hit over Halloween.  Slice an apple in half, dip in orange paint and stamp away.  I had already cut up black shapes for them to stick on for eyes, noses and mouths to finish off their ‘jack o lanterns’.

Apple Pumpkin Stamps

11. Block Pattern Challenge: We dipped the blocks in corresponding paint color and stamped them on the paper.  The kids had to use the blocks to recreate the building on the paper.  My oldest then came up with her own prints to challenge me.

Block Pattern Challenge

12. Bubble Wrap Print: We wrapped bubble wrap around a rolling pin, used a brush to paint different colors on it and then rolled it across the paper.  Such a fun and easy way to make beautiful patterns!

Bubble Wrap Print

13. TP Roll People: Paint TP rolls and let them dry overnight.  Use scissors to puncture arm holes and thread pipe cleaners through.  Tape cut up straws for hair inside the tubes.  Glue eyes, nose and mouths on.  These silly people are fun to make and play with after.

TP Roll People

14. Spider Prints: Cut legs into a toilet paper roll (4 on each side), dip in paint and stamp.  Add eyes and you are all set!  These make cute Halloween wrapping paper, decorations or cards. Visit my other blog post, Creepy, Crawly, Spiders for more details.

Spider Prints

15. Rice Writing: Tracing out letters in rice is a fun way to get children engaged in learning. I places different colored paper under the rice to make it a bit more colorful.  My youngest was able to make the letters in the rice that she was still unable to make on her own with a marker.

Rice Writing

16. Reading Pointer: Glue one big googley eye on the end of a craft stick to make a fun reading helper.  This is a great way to get your child to slow down and really concentrate on each word.

Reading Pointer

17. Sponge Painting: Cut up a kitchen sponge, add a clothes pin and paint away. Visit my other blog post, Unique Painting Tools That Kids Will Love! for more ideas.

Sponge Painting

18. Hand Print Tutu: Such a fun project and keepsake for a little dancer.  We made these for my daughters dance teachers. Visit my other blog post, Hand Print Ballerina for more details.

Hand Print Tutu

19. Circle Painting: This is a quick set up but will occupy your child for a long time.  The end results are simply gorgeous too!  Trace around something round, we used a roll of duct tape, several times, making sure to overlap your circles.  Give your child some markers and paints to color inside the lines.

Circle Painting

20. Letter Stamp: Dip your wooden letters in paint and have your child stamp away.  This is a fun idea to introduce letters to your child. Visit my other blog post,  Wooden Letters Activities for more ideas.

Letter Stamp

21. Christmas Tree Counting: Add the correct amount of ornaments onto the tree!  Have your child punch their own ornaments to help build those little hand muscles for future writing.  Visit my other blog post, Counting Activities For Preschoolers for more counting ideas.

Christmas Tree Counting Activities

22. Hand Print Reindeer Craft: Isn’t this little Rudolph handprint adorable? I’m a sucker for handprint crafts when they still have their little, chubby hands!  Paint their right hand brown for the head and then flip your paper over and paint their left hand for the body.  Add nose, eyes, mouth, collar and hooves.  Visit my other blog post, Hand Print Christmas Crafts for more ideas.

Reindeer handprint craft

23. Pom Pom Letters: I placed Elmer’s glue down on paper to create the letter ‘N’.  I gave my daughter some tweezers and a bowl of Pom Poms.  She carefully used the tweezers to pick up the Pom Poms and place them to make the giant letter ‘N’.

Pom Pom Letters

24. Sensory Bin Airplanes: In a plastic bin I added shaving cream and frozen, colored water in the shape of airplanes.  This is such a great sensory tub activity.  The children will love the feeling of finding the cold planes in the super soft shaving cream.

Sensory Bin Airplanes

25. Play Doh and Straws: We had lots of cut up straws left over from our necklace making so we paired them with play doh.  The outcome was entire hour of creativity.  This is a picture of her ‘birthday cake’ with some ‘candles’ in it.

Play Doh and Straws

26. Colored Rice: This colored rice is a staple in most of our sensory bins.  Add some cups, spoons and scoops and you are good to go. Visit my other blog post, Making Colored Rice & 5 Fun Play Ideas for more details and ideas on how to use colored rice.

Colored Sensory Rice

27. Recycled Toothbrush Art- Instead of throwing out our toothbrushes, we give them new life in our art room.  Kid love to use different ‘tools’ to paint with.  Visit my other post for more ideas Unique Painting Tools That Kids Will Love!

Recycled Toothbrush Art

28.  Present Unwrap:  What child doesn’t love to unwrap a present?  I had lots of left over wrapping paper so I wrapped all of my daughters wooden letters up.  She had so much fun unwrapping each one and strengthening her little finger muscles at the same time.  Once unwrapped we named each letter, worked on the sound it made and then placed the letter in the correct place on the puzzle. Visit my other blog post, Wooden Letters Activities for more ideas.

Present Unwrap

29. Letter Writing Practice: Use a light colored marker to write the letters of the alphabet.  Have your child trace over the letters with a darker marker.  My daughter was so excited that she was able to write all of the letters of the alphabet.

Letter Writing Practice

30. Ice Painting: We froze large ice cubes, placed them in a bowl, squeezed paint on top and  she brushed away.  This was such a therapeutic activity for her that it is now my go to activity when she is having a rough day.

Ice Painting



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