Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve is always such a special time in our house filled with excitement and the magic of Christmas.  A few years ago we started a “Christmas Eve Box” tradition.  You can use any container you wish but we have been using an old “trunk” which the girls call their “treasure chest”.  Click here to order a similar trunk from Amazon.The chest is packed a couple weeks in advanced and sits patiently under the tree until the evening of Christmas Eve.  This is a great way to let them have some special gifts and activities without taking away from Christmas Day.  You can add whatever you want to your box and change the contents every year, especially as they are getting older.  Here is what we have added for this year.

Favorite Memory Ornament- Each year we sit down on Christmas Eve and think about our favorite memory of that year.  We write it down on a piece of paper with the date and place it in a clear ornament.  It is a lovely way to wrap up the year with a positive feeling and to have a tree filled with years of special memories.  (Click here to order the clear, shatterproof ornaments).

Christmas Eve Ornament Best of the Year

Hot Chocolate- We always add hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and candy canes for a special drink in the evening around the fire while we set out Santa’s cookies and hang our stockings.

Christmas Pajamas- I know that many families have this tradition.  It is nice for the children to get new pajamas to wear for when Santa is coming.  They don’t have to be Christmas themed ones.  In the past, we have done Paw Patrol nighties when it was all that was spoken about in our house.

Movie-  This year we have added a movie, Prep and Landing (click here to order from Amazon) to our box.  Our girls are old enough to sit through it and enjoy watching a movie as the night draws to an end.Presents-  We buy a special gift for each of our daughters especially for Christmas Eve.  This year we bought them Happy Places Shopkins (click here to order) since they are avid Shopkins collectors and don’t yet have any of this new line.  I am so excited to see their faces when they open these!  It is a special way for us to give them a present from us without being drowned in all of the Christmas chaos.

Christmas Eve Moving Prep and Landing

Presents- Each year we buy our girls a special present from us.  Nothing too big or crazy but something they will be excited about.  It is nice to give them a gift to enjoy from us without the chaos of Christmas.  This year we got them Happy Places Shopkins Sets as they are avid Shopkins collectors and don’t have any from this line (click here to order from Amazon).

Book- Every night we finished off the day with a bedtime story and Christmas Eve is no different!  We always place a special Christmas story into our box.  Some years we buy a new one, other years we use an old favorite.  This year we were given ‘The Polar Express’ from our special friend so we placed it in our box.  (Click here to order).


We hope that you got some ideas from this post to make your Christmas Eve special and to create memories for years to come.  Merry Christmas from us at Play Learn Kids!


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Christmas Eve Box


One thought on “Christmas Eve Box

  1. I always enjoy hearing about your family traditions. Comforting to know that the younger generation continues to perpetuate the Christmas message.


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