Hand Print Christmas Crafts

There is something so special about your little ones handprint.  They will never be this small again and one day we will look back and won’t believe our child’s hands were so tiny!  This is why there are SO many crafts that use your child’s handprint.  Here are some of our favorite, and easy, ones for this holiday season.

Handprint Christmas Tree- Have your child stamp their green handprints onto the paper in the shape of a christmas tree.  You can outline the tree first with a pencil so they can follow the shape.  Once their tree has dried they can dip their fingers in different colors and add on the ornaments.  They can either paint on the brown trunk or glue on a piece of brown paper.  Finish off your tree by glueing on a yellow star.

Christmas Tree Hand Print Craft

Handprint Reindeer-  Paint your child’s hand with brown paint and have him place a handprint on the paper.  Repaint his hand and turn the paper around.  Place the next handprint a little off centered from the first one.  Once it is dried, glue on the googley eye, nose and collar.  We painted on his mouth but you could draw it on with a sharpie too.  This little guy is just too cute for words.

Handprint Reindeer Craft

Handprint Wreath- Trace your child’s hand onto green paper and cut it out.  You can layer a few pieces together so you are cutting a few hands at once.  Glue the hands together in a circle.  Have your child dip their finger into red paint and dot on the little berries.  We finished our wreath with a red bow but you could also tie on a ribbon.

Handprint Wreath Craft

Handprint Santa- Paint your child’s hand white and have them stamp their hand onto the paper to create Santa’s beard.  Paint Santa’s hat, mouth, nose and rosy cheeks.  Finish up your Santa by glueing on his eyes and cotton balls for his fur trim on his hat and his pom pom.

Handprint Santa

Salt Dough Ornament- This cute little Santa handprint came home from my daughter’s preschool.  Visit my blog post, Salt Dough Ornaments You Can Make Today, to learn how to make these ornaments.

Handprint Salt Dough Ornament

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