DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

The holiday season is always so busy and everyone’s to-do list doubles.  I love when I can turn something from my to-do list, like wrapping gifts, into a fun activity for the kids with the sweetest results!

Cookie Cutter Wrapping Paper-  Grab some festive cookie cutters, click here to order, dip them in paint and stamp away on butcher paper, click here to order some.  Finish off your present with some bakers twine, click here to order.

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Hand Print Wrapping Paper-  Lay out your butchers paper and have your kids stamp their hand prints all over.  These gifts are just too precious!

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas Ornament Wrapping Paper-  Dip your empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls into paint and stamp away.  Once the paint has dried, use a marker to draw the top of the ornaments on.

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Snowflake Wrapping Paper-  Cut a toilet paper roll into narrow slits and hot glue them together to make a snowflake shape.  Once it has dried, dip it into white paint and then stamp over your butchers paper.

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Washi Tape Wrapping Paper-  Washi tape has a way of making everything look pretty.  Add some on to your wrapped gift to add some color and sparkle.  Click here to order some washi tape.

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Add a Snowflake Decoration-  These gorgeous snowflakes are the perfect finishing touch! Visit my blog post, DIY Window Clings, to find out how to make them.  Use a few dots of hot glue from your hot glue gun to adhere the snowflake onto the present.

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper With Hot Glue Snowflakes
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