Snowflake Lanterns 

These gorgeous little snowflake ‘lanterns’ will brighten up any room.  Use them to make any place more festive or as an added nightlight in the bathroom or bedroom.  These also make great hostess gifts, gift for teachers, neighbors and friends.


Hot Glue Gun- Click here to order

Flameless Candle- Click here to order

Parchment Paper

A picture of a snowflake

Mason Jar



Step 1- Place your image of your snowflake under your parchment paper.  You can take them down so they don’t move but it is not necessary.


Making Hot Glue Gun Snowflakes

Step 2- Carefully trace your hot glue gun over your snowflake.  Make sure that your lines are thick enough so they don’t break.

Tracing Snowflake With Hot Glue Gun

Step 3- After the glue dries you can carefully peel it off the parchment paper.  Set your snowflake aside.

Peel off glue snowflake

Step 4- Sprinkle some glitter inside your jar. Turn your jar around until the glitter has coated all the inside. You can also brush a light coating of modge podge inside the jar first and then sprinkle on your glitter so it is more permanent.

Add Glitter to Mason Jar Lantern

Step 5-  Cut a ribbon to fit the top of the jar. Our ribbon was very wide so we folded it in half width ways and we hot glued it together. Starting at the back of the jar, hot glue the end of the ribbon down. Work your way around the jar by glueing small sections at a time until you get to the end. Fold the very last section over and secure it down with your glue.

Mason Jar Lanterns

Step 6- Drop in your flame-less candle and you’re all set.

Mason Jar Lantern Place Light In

Mason Jar Lantern

DIY Mason Jar Lantern

Other Uses: You can also use the snowflakes for decoration on presents and for window clings.  Visit my blog post, DIY Window Clings,  to learn how.

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