5 Easy Homemade Ornaments For Children

In our home we have two trees.  One in the living room that I get to decorate and one in the playroom that they girls can go crazy with.  Every year they love to make their own ornaments to hang on their special tree.  The ornaments come out every year and they bring back such special memories.  Every year we spend at least a day making new ornaments.  Here are 5 of our favorite ideas!


Craftstick Ornaments:  You can use plain craft sticks and paint them or buy colored craft sticks, click here to purchase them from Amazon.  This year I used a hot glue gun and made some triangles, stars, snowflakes and squares out of the sticks.  If you have older children let them have a go trying to make their own shapes.  I placed some supplies that we had on hand.  Glitter, glitter glue, gems, beads, string, cotton balls and markers and let the girls get to work.  When they are finished, attach some string, pipe cleaner or ribbon to the top so they can be hung on the tree.

Craftstick Children's Homemade Ornament

Marshmallow Snowman Ornament: Start with a clear, round ornament (click here to purchase from Amazon).  Carefully remove the top of the ornament and place it aside.  Fill your ornament with mini marshmallows and close the lid.  Add a snowman face with sharpies or puffy paint.  Tie on a ribbon, string or pipe cleaner to hang from your tree.

Children's Homemade Snowman Christmas Ornament

Finger Snowman Ornament: Start off with a plain color, round ornament (click here to order from Amazon).  Using a paintbrush, paint your child’s four fingers.  Carefully press his fingers onto the ornament and gently remove.  Once the white paint has dried, add faces, scarves, hats and tree branch arms with paint or sharpies.  Tie on a ribbon, string or pipe cleaner to the top to hang from the tree.

Homemade Children's Christmas Ornaments

Reindeer Ornament: There is nothing I love more than handprint crafts!  The kids love to do them and I love the keepsakes.  Using a paintbrush, paint your child’s hand brown.  Have your child slightly spread their fingers apart and press down onto paper or cardboard.  If you are using paper, try to use the thickest paper you have so it won’t curl up.  Once the handprint has dried, cut out your hand, add a red nose with a pom pom, googley eye, antlers with pipe cleaners and hang!

Homemade Chrildren's Reindeer Ornament

Salt Dough Ornament:  This ornament takes the longest but is by far the most fun and will get everyone into the holiday mood.  Click here to go to our post on how to make salt dough ornaments.

Salt Dough Ornaments


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