Fun & Easy Christmas Crafts

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees:  I think my daughters are their friends had just as much fun creating these trees as they did eating them!  Turn ice cream cones upside down and cover with green frosting.  We added green food dye into our frosting until we got just the right shade.  It doesn’t matter if the frosting doesn’t cover the entire cone, its all about them having fun with the process.  While the frosting is still wet, add candy to look like ornaments, we used M&M’s.  You can wait for it to dry or just eat it right away (like we did!)

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Kids Craft

Pine Cone Christmas Trees: Go for a nature walk and collect some pine cones, or you can order some cinnamon scented pinecones from Amazon (like we did.  They smell so wonderful!)- Click Here To Order  Have your little ones use green paint and paint away.  Once again, it doesn’t matter if the green paint doesn’t cover the entire pinecone.  My little ones took this painting so seriously and were so quiet and focused.  Once the paint is dry, place small pom poms (click here to order them through Amazon), in between the ‘branches’ for ornaments.  We didn’t use glue as they stuck right in there but you can use a hot glue gun (click here to order through Amazon), to make sure they hold.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Kids Craft

Paper Plate Wreaths:  Cut out the center of your paper plate.  You can use any size but we used the smaller ones (Click Here To Order Through Amazon).  We used glitter glue (click here to order through Amazon) and gems (click here to order through Amazon) but you could paint them, use oil pastels, ribbons, glue on scraps of wrapping paper or color with markers.  Get creative!  My girls ‘hung’ their wreaths up on their bedroom doors and are so proud of them.

Paper Plate Holiday Wreath Kids Craft

Paper Plate Christmas Trees: I cut up white paper plates (click here to order) into different sized triangles (think slices of a pie).  Have your children paint them green and then figure out how to arrange them from largest piece on the bottom up to the smallest on the top.  Once they have a tree they like, glue the pieces together and then decorate your tree.  We used gems (click here to order)   and glitter glue (click here to order).

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Kids Craft

TP Christmas Tree:  Paint your empty toilet paper roll brown and then cut two small slits in the top of the roll so the paper ‘tree’ can stand in it.  Cut out your tree from green paper (see our tip below), glue on your pom poms (click here to order) and then place your tree into the TP roll.  We had a very tall tree so we attached some craft sticks to the back to help it stand up straight.  
TP Roll Christmas Tree Kids Craft

Cutting A Symmetrical Christmas Tree Kids Craft

Tip: In order to make your tree symmetrical, try folding your paper in half, draw half the tree, cut it out and then open it up.



TP Roll Snowmen: These little snowmen are so cute and make such sweet decorations or gifts.  Paint your empty tp roll white.  Let it dry.  With black marker add eyes, mouth and buttons (you can also glue on real buttons or beads).  Finish off his face by adding a small, orange carrot nose.  Using a hot glue gun (click here to order), attach a short segment of a pipe cleaner to the top of the roll.  This will be the ‘band’ or the earmuffs but can also double as the ‘hook’ if you want to hang this on the Christmas tree.  Using your hot glue gun again, add a pom pom on either side of the pipe cleaner.  Tie a ribbon around the center for your snowman’s scarf and you are all set!

Snowmen Out of TP Rolls

Washi Tape Tree:  This one is super easy and fun for all ages.  Its a great fine motor skill activity for the smallest ones and can be a cool project for your older ones.  Cut your washi tape (click here to order) into various different lengths.  We just used the same tape but you can get creative with different colors and patterns.  Add a trunk to the bottom of your paper and then layer the tape from longest to shortest.

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Children's Craft


TP Roll Snowflakes:  Cut your empty tp rolls into strips.  Using a hot glue gun, click here to order, glue 5 pieces together to get the desired ‘snowflake’ effect.  Add glue, glitter, oil pastels, paint, markers or washi tape. You can add string to hang it up as a tree ornament.

TP Snowflakes Christmas Craft and Ornaments

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Easy Holiday Kids Crafts

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  1. I love all those Christmas trees & snowmen! So colorful to decorate on the table with home made decorations by the children. They must feel more of an integral part of Christmas by being so involved!

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