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Best Stocking Stuffers For 2016

Its that time of year again when Santa and his Elves are getting all of the presents ready.  The children spend time making their Christmas lists which usually consist of the toys that go under the tree or in their Christmas sacks.  Stocking stuffers are a place where Santa and his Elves can go off script and get a bit creative.  Here is a list of the best stocking stuffers for this year.

Karma Bands Bracelet Making Kit:  Each color of fabric represents a different form of Karma, from Love to Happiness.  Cut different colors of fabric and join together to create different bracelets to attract good karma.  Click here to order from Amazon

Children's Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas Karma Bands

Little Hands Card Holder:  The hardest part of playing card games for little ones is actually holding all of the cards.  This is such a simple yet brilliant tool to help your child hold his cards and keep his hand a secret.  Click here to order through Amazon

Playing Card Holder

Children’s Card Games:  We love card games! They are so perfect for Family Game Night as well as compact enough to take traveling or just keep in your hand bag for last minute restaurant plans.

Childrens Card Games

Insta-Snow Powder:  Now no matter where you are, you can have a white Christmas! Click Here To Purchase

Instant Snow Powder

Matchbox Homes: These are simply gorgeous and so much fun to play with!  They come in a little ‘matchbox’ home with various accessories like a pillow, blanket or sleeping bag.  Sure to bring hours of imaginative play.

Children's Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Jelly Cat Stuffie- These ultra soft and popular stuffies also come in small sizes that are perfect for stocking stuffers.  Click To Purchase.

Children's Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas JellyCat Rabbit

Wikki Stix- These are long wax strips that can be bent and molded into different creations.  They don’t dry out and can be used again and again.  Perfect for quiet play of all ages. Click To Purchase.

Wikki Stix Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Fairy Dust: A little bit of fairy magic is just what every stocking needs.  You can get a bottle of dust with a gold wand, Click Here To Purchase, or a necklace with a little bottle of fairy dust attached, Click Here To Purchase.

Children's Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas Fairy Dust

Kanoodle:  Brainteasing 2D and 3D puzzle challenges.  It includes 101 puzzles that only need one player (or you can brainstorm with a friend).  This game is a favorite of ours! Click Here To Purchase

Kanoodle Children's Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Spot It Game:  A fun game for all ages.  We have the Shopkins version but there are different ones out there.  A quick game to see who can find the matches first.  Click Here To Purchase

Children's Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas Shopkins Spot It

Paint Brushes- These brushes are fun, colorful and have a soft grip in the middle.  Each one produces a different stroke.

Paint Brushes

Watches:  Fun watches are always a great idea for stockings.  We are a house of Shopkins fans but you can find all different kinds.  Click Here To Purchase

Shopkins Watch Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas


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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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