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10 Best Gift Ideas For 2016

Fairy Door:  If your child has any interest in fairies at all then this is the gift for them.  The door is placed in their bedroom and it becomes a magic door where the fairies can come and go as they please.  Most of the doors come with some fairy dust and some even have small mailboxes.  The fairies can be as ‘active’ as they want.  Our fairies leave notes by they door for my daughter.  There have been reminders to clean her room, happy birthday cards and good luck notes for special events.  For the door that is pictured here, click here to order it through Amazon.  There is another style that offers a door, 2 fence panels, a mailbox and a window. You can  click here to purchase it from amazon

Kids Fairy Door

Beanie Boos:  Think of these as the new generation of beanie babies with just as much hype from the kids.  You can distinguish these guys from other stuffies based on their large eyes.  They come in various different sizes (as small as a keychain) and different colors of the same animals.  Click here to purchase through amazon.

Beanie Boos

Night Light:  My daughter used to get so scared at night that she would inevitably end up in our bed at some point during the night.  Our friend told us about this night light and it has changed our lives.  We got the fairy one but there are many different options.  It comes with a small remote control which lets your child change the color of the light or place it on ‘lamp’ mode.    Click here to purchase through amazon.

Fairy Night Light

Little Live Pets:  If you can’t have a real pet then these are the next best thing.  We have the turtle who comes with his own little tank.  It has been a hit with our 3 year old who loves animals and any kind of water play.  We also have the mouse one and love watching them roll all around their fun home.  They have a variety of other animals from frog to parrot.  Click here to order from amazon.

Little Live Pets Kids Gift Guide

  • Live Ladybug Land-  My girls don’t really like many bugs or insects except for ladybugs.  You send off for your baby ladybugs and they are mailed to you with special  food all in a tube.  You place them in your Ladybug Land and watch them grow.  This makes for such a great at home science observation.  Make sure to release them back into nature!  Click here to purchase it through amazon.

Live Ladybug Land Kids Gift Guide

  • Mermaid Blanket– These mermaid blankets are not only adorable but so soft and comfortable that I find myself curling up in them on the couch after the girls go to bed.  These are perfect for reading a book, watching TV or sick days home on the couch.  Click here to purchase.  There is also a shark blanket/sleeping bag which you can purchase by clicking here.

Mermaid Blanket Kids Gift Guide

Polaroid Camera:  This polaroid camera has had an update since the ones we used when we were younger.  The camera itself is smaller and so are the pictures it develops.  We have the pink one but it comes in different colors.  My kids think it is magic to take a picture and within an instant it prints out.  Click here to purchase it through amazon.

Check out my other post blog 10 Reasons Why Your Elf Didn’t Move Last Night… where we used this camera!

Polaroid Camera Elf on The Shelf

Little Tikes Trampoline:  Our littlest has so much energy that we are constantly trying to wear her out before bedtime.  This trampoline has been such a lifesaver as she can’t get enough of it.  It is the perfect size for her and has a hand rail that she holds onto while she jumps.  Its small enough to keep in the corner of our family room.  Click here to purchase it from amazon.

Little Tikes Trampoline Kids Gift Guide

Pie Face Game:  Every Friday night we have a family game night and this game is requested more than anyone.  You take turns placing your face on the mask and turning the handle.  You never know when the whipped cream is going to fly into your face.  Be prepared to get messy and laugh until your sides hurt.  Click here to order from amazon.

Pie Face Kids Gift Guide

My First Fly Bar:  If your child is not yet ready for a pogo stick, get him started with his first fly bar.  I even had so much fun hopping on this foam pogo!   Click here to order from amazon.

My First Fly Bar Kids Gift guide

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17 thoughts on “10 Best Gift Ideas For 2016

  1. LOVE those nightlights. Just ordered the cat for Livvie and the T-Rex from Ian. Hope you get a click through fee????? If not, you should do that….loving your site. So happy you did this and hope you are having fun and feeling proud of yourself!!!!



  2. And I ordered the pre-pogo sticks! I wanted to get them pogo sticks but I didn’t think Livvie was quite there yet so these are PERFECT and they can do them indoors, too. I am your new biggest fan!!! (Well, I was before you started the site…:)



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