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Counting Activities For Preschoolers

Counting activities for preschoolers should be fun and very hands on.  We want our little ones to have a positive first experience with math that will carry them through their school years.  Following are some activities that will help with number identification, counting and one to one correspondence.

Christmas Trees With Ornaments: Have the little ones punch the holes themselves which will help develop their little muscles for learning how to write.  You can get an easy to use hole puncher here.

Children's Counting Activity Ornaments on Christmas Tree

Snowmen With SnowFlakes: Keep the snowmen from melting by adding the correct amount of snowflakes on them.  You can make your own snowflakes or use this hole puncher.

Children's Counting Activity Snowflakes on Snowmen

Umbrellas and Raindrops: Learn math while finger painting!  Let your little one add the correct amount of ‘raindrops’ to each colorful umbrella.

Children's Counting Activity Rain Drops and Umbrellas

Apple Trees: Another finger painting and math activity.  Add the correct number of ‘apples’ to the tree.  The activity always starts off very neat but can turn pretty messy towards the end.  Have a few wipes on hand!

Children's Counting Activity Apples on Tree

Ice Cream Scoops: Any activity with ‘sweets’ is a favorite in our home.  Have your child add the correct amount of ice cream scoops to each cone.  Use different colors to represent different flavors.

Children's Counting Activity Ice Cream Scoops on Cones

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