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10 Reasons Why Your Elf Didn’t Move Last Night…

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When our children’s Elf On The Shelf returns for the holiday season, he seems to show up every morning in a new and exciting place… at least for the first week or two.  Most parents have experienced the dreaded morning when you wake up to your child yelling ‘he didn’t move!’  It happens to all of us but this year be prepared with the real reason your Elf didn’t budge.

  1. Too Many People Getting Out of Bed– I placed this one at the top of the list because this is the most common reason why your Elf may stay put.  Kids getting out of bed, not falling asleep right away or sneaking into their parents bed can scare your Elf into not moving.
  2. Rain, Snow, Sleet…– You get the point.  Extreme weather may make it a bit too difficult or dangerous for your Elf to make the long trip to the North Pole.
  3. Someone Touched Your Elf– Humans can’t touch your Scout Elf or else he will lose his magic.  In order to gain his magic back you can write a letter of apology to him (or Santa), sprinkle some cinnamon next to him (its like vitamins for Elves) or sing a Christmas carol to him.
  4. He is Tricking You– Your children might be getting so good at finding your Elf that he may be trying to trick them by hiding in the same place hoping they won’t look there.
  5. He is Sick or Too Tired–  Leading up to Christmas, your Scout Elf is so busy not to mention that he has to fly to and from the North Pole every night.  Your Elf may of caught a cold or could just need a night off to have a rest.
  6. Pets– Any pets in the house can make your Elf a bit too scared to start flying around.
  7. He Was Stuck– Sometimes your Elf may get stuck where he is hiding.  Try using your kitchen tongs to pry him free.
  8. He is Giving Your Child a Free Pass– Sometimes your child may misbehave but your Elf doesn’t want to go and tell Santa so they stay an extra day.  If your child acts really well then your Elf can report some good with the bad.
  9. He is in His Favorite Spot– Your Elf may of found his favorite spot and can stay there for more than one night.  In our house, our Elf loves sitting in the Christmas tree and we find her there often!
  10. Your House is Too Warm– Elves are used to living at the North Pole which is very cold.  Your house may of become too warm over night causing your Elf to lose a bit of his magic.  You can place him in the freezer for 5 minutes to restore him back to his ideal temperature.

This year our Elf showed up with some pretty cool new gear.  Click here to order it through Amazon.

Elf On The Shelf

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