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Thanksgiving Crafts

I am Australian, born and raised.  I moved to the States when I was about to start high school and within in a couple months, experienced my first Thanksgiving.  I now have two children who were both born here and for the most part are being raised American.  I am loving all of the fun crafts that come along with this special holiday that I never knew about as a child.  Here are some of our favorites from this year.

Happy Thanksgiving Placemats: My daughter did this at school for her 1st grade Thanksgiving Feast.  The turkey’s ‘feather’ is a coffee filter.  They folded it into quarters, drew on it with water soluble markers and then added drops of water with pipettes.

Thanksgiving Placemat

Thanksgiving Rice Turkeys:  We made rainbow rice for our sensory bins so used some to make these fun Turkeys (which look a bit like chickens!!) Trace your child’s hand using a pencil, give them some glue and a paint brush to ‘paint’ inside the hand print, and then sprinkle on the rice.  Once it is dry, shake off any excess rice.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Out of Rice

TP Roll Turkeys:  My daughters preschool class made these super cute guys.  A paper plate was cut in half and attached to the back of the empty TP roll.  The kids glued feathers onto the plate and a little beak onto the front.  Such gorgeous decorations! Click here to learn how to make colored rice.

Thanksgiving TP Roll Turkey

Turkey Cups:  Click here to read about how we made these cute cups!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cups for a Festive Feast

Turkey Napkin Rings: Cut up a TP roll or Paper Towel roll into pieces a few inches long.  Add cut up colored paper for feathers, face and beak.  Add some googley eyes and some pipe cleaners for feet.  We found we had to use a hot glue gun to add the pipe cleaner feet on to the bottom.

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Rings

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