Colored Rice · Sensory Bin

Making Colored Rice & 5 Fun Play Ideas


Supplies to make colored rice:


Ziploc Bags

Measuring Cup

1/4 measuring teaspoon

Food Dye

Uncooked Rice

Cup (optional)

Baking Tray

Step 1: I like to place my ziploc bag into a cup to make sure it doesn’t fall over.  Carefully pour 1 cup of uncooked rice into your ziploc bag.

Step 2: Pour 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar over the uncooked rice.

Step 3: Add anywhere from 15-25 drops of your desired color of food dye.  I love bright colored rice so I use 25 drops.  Experiment until you find the right shade for you.

Step 4:  Securely seal your ziploc bag and shake.  This is a fun activity to have your little one help you with.  Make sure the color gets distributed to all of the rice.

Step 5:  Lay your rice in a single layer on a flat surface.  You can use wax paper to make sure the color doesn’t transfer.  Let the rice sit for a couple hours until it is dry.

Now you have your own beautifully colored rice!!  Here are a few ideas of how to play with it.  The possibilities are endless!

Day At The Farm: We love coming up with different sensory bins and colored rice is such a great addition to one.  My kids love the idea below.  We used the green rice as the grass and added in some bunnies, cows, horses and trees.

Beach Life: My daughter came up with this sweet idea after a day at the beach inspired her.  The yellow rice is the sand and the blue rice is the ocean.  Add some mermaids and a beach ball for hours of imaginative fun!

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin: Inevitably your different colored rice will become mixed up together but unlike playdoh, this is actually a good thing with rice!  The results are a beautiful ‘rainbow rice’!  A plain sensory bin with rice, scoops, bins, straws and cups will always be a hit.  Even my 7 year old still loves this.

Eye Spy: Grab a few small toys and take a picture of them and print it out (you can always just draw the pictures too). Add the toys and colored rice into a container with a secure lid. Have your child try to find all of the toys in the picture.

Rice Hand Print:  Trace your child’s hand with a pencil.  Have them use a paint brush to ‘paint’ glue onto their hand print.  Sprinkle the rice on top of the glue.  Once it is dry, shake off the excess rice.

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