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Cute Turkey Cups For a Festive Feast

Turkey Cups

My daughter’s wonderful 1st grade class is holding a Thanksgiving Feast today.  By the time I signed up to bring something, only ‘cups’ was left.  I was going to turn my ‘boring’ assignment into something so cute that the kids would love.  My daughter voted for the turkey theme and these cute guys were created.


Large Hole Puncher

Clear, Plastic Cups

Brown, Orange, Red & Yellow

Hot Glue Gun (we love this one!)

Googly Eyes

Step 1: Using your large hole puncher, punch circles out of your brown paper.


Step 2: Warm up your hot glue gun.  Place the glue on the paper, not the cup (this helps the glue cool down a bit before it touches the plastic and helps prevent your cup from melting), and then stick your brown circle onto your cup.

Step 3: Add on your googley eyes.  You can use your glue gun or just plain Elmer’s glue.

Step 4: Cut triangles out of your orange paper and glue it under your eyes for the Turkey’s beak.

Step 5: Cut feather shapes out of your red, orange and yellow paper.  Using your hot glue gun, glue the ‘feathers’ onto the back your cup.

We hope that these little Turkeys make your Thanksgiving kids table more festive and bring a few smiles too!  Lets hope the 1st graders like them today!

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