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Flower Math Game

My daughter loves math and is learning in school about all the different combinations to create the same number.  We decided to make a fun math game using this concept and of course some flowers!  This concept could also be made using a spider, the equations could go on the 8 legs and the body could be the answer, if your child isn’t too thrilled with the flower concept.  Get creative with this and most importantly, have fun!


Colored Paper




Large Hole Puncher (optional)

Counters (optional) We used gems but anything small that will help the children to count will work

Step 1: Cut out circles for the centers of the flowers and cut out 5 petals for each flower.  Place your ‘answer’ in the center of the flower and then come up with different equations that equal your answer.  This game can become more advanced as your child grows in his/her math skills.  It can start off with basic equations: 2+2=4 and can progress to multiplication and/or division.


Step 2:  Turn over your petals and in pencil write the answer.  This way your child can figure out the equation and check the answer before moving on.  I found this very helpful for myself too!


Step 3: Set up the game. Place the centers of the circles out so there is enough room for the petals to go around them.  Place the counters close to your child and the stack of petals (equation side up).


Step 4: Play the game with your child the first time to make sure they understand it.  Below is a picture of our 3 year old getting in on the action!  Our oldest would figure out the equation and would tell the youngest where to place the petal.  This really helped her with her number recognition.


The final flowers!! Who knew math could look so beautiful!!?


Make Their Own Game: My daughter was so excited about this game that she straight away wanted to make her own version!  She started out with the center of the flower and then came up with her own equations.


She took her game to school and all of her friends enjoyed playing as we hope you will too!


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