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Leaf Rubbings

I used to do leaf and coin rubbings all of the time when I was younger.  I had forgotten about them until I saw them on instagram from @creatingcreatives She also has a wonderful blog at

In case you are like me and need a refresher before you jump into this activity with your children, read below.  My kids thought it was amazing that they could ‘draw’ such realistic looking leaves.  This was total magic for them!


Leaves- Leaves that have just fallen off the tree are the best to use.  Leaves that are too dried out are harder to get a good picture from.

Crayons- Take the wrappers off of them


Step 1: Place your leaf on a flat, hard surface vein side up.  Cover it with a piece of paper.


With little ones, its hard for them to keep the paper in the same spot.  Tape the leaf gently (so you can peel it off easily) onto the back of your paper, vein side touching.  Flip the paper over to do your rubbing and when finished, gently peel off the tape and leaf.


Step 2: Place your unwrapped crayon on its side and rub it back and forth over the place where the leaf is under the paper.  The more you rub, the darker the print will be.


Step 3: Experiment with different leaves, different colors and different pressure on the crayon.


A couple pictures my 7 year old made from her leaf rubbings.  Children are so creative and inspiring!!! I hope you enjoy this activity and have as much fun (& quiet time!!) as we did!





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