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TP Tube Tutu

We are on a ballet themed art and craft kick at our house this week!  My husband actually suggested we use old TP tubes to make Tutus!  After some playing around with the idea, we came up with these cute little tutus!  My girls have been having so much fun with them and have come up with some pretty creative games to play.  I feel the best arts and crafts turn into open ended toys where their imagination can run wild.


Old TP tubes or paper towel tubes cut in half




Liquid Chalk Marker

Step 1: With a pencil, trace the top of the leotard as shown below.  Make sure to leave enough cardboard for the ‘straps’ of the leotard so they aren’t too thin.  Flatten your tube so you can cut through both sides at once.  Carefully cut along the lines you made.


Step 2:  Continue to hold the tube so it is flat and you can cut through both sides at once.  Cut slits in the bottom of the roll (about a couple inches maximum).


Step 3:  Paint your tube whatever color you wish.  We mixed up some pink paint in a mason jar so we can use the leftovers at another time.  Let dry.


Step 4: Using your liquid chalk marker, add any details you wish.  We kept it simple using the white marker to outline the tutus and add three little buttons on the torso.  You can also add gems, glitter or designs with the marker.  Let dry.


Step 5:  Gently lift up the slits of the tutu slightly so it flares outward like a real tutu.


I hope you have fun and enjoy!!


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