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Hand Print Ballerina

My youngest loves anything dance, especially pretty Tutus!  We made a few of these to give to her dance teachers who really deserve a special thanks for all of their hard work with a class of 3 year olds!  I kept one for myself as anything with their small hand print is such an important keepsake!  You can do different colored Tutus, add some tulle on the top or even some ribbon.  The possibilities are as endless as they are cute!


Good quality, thick white paper

Glue Stick

White Glue (Like Elmer’s)

Colored Paper


We used these liquid chalk markers to make the white detail on the leotard


Paint Brush



Step 1: We mixed up some pink paint (using red and white paints).  I always mix paints in a mason jar so we can store the leftovers for another day.  Paint your child’s hand.


Step 2: Have your child spread their fingers and press their hand down on the page (their finger tips should be a few inches from the top of the page).  Repeat this 3-4 times, moving their hand slightly to each side to create the desired ‘Tutu’ look.


Step 3: With a pencil, trace the outline for the top of the leotard.  It helps to line it up with your hand print Tutu so they are the same width.


Step 4: Cut out your leotard.


Step 5: Glue down your leotard.


Step 6: Glue on your gems with your Elmers glue.  You can use as little or as many as you want.  You can also add some glitter on too!


Step 7: Use your white marker to trace an outline on your leotard and you can add some detail too if you wish.


Your final product!! Tutu Cute!!


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