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Mono Prints

I remember doing these mono prints as a child in art class.  We always found it so magical that we could make a copy of our artwork in an instant. I did these mono prints with my children the other day and was so happy that they experienced the same sense of joy when they lifted up the paper and saw what they had created.  This is a fun and easy project (my favorite kind!) that will keep the kids busy and entertained for a long amount of time.  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!


Tray- We used a baking sheet but anything that is a flat, hard surface with edges to keep the mess in will work like this clear tray that we use for many art projects

Paint (these are our favorite and we use for almost everything)

Roller Brush (we used the flat one in these cute set)

Q-Tips (or you can just use your finger)

Paper (lots of it to make many prints!)


Step 1: Using your roller brush, roll out the paint onto your tray.  Make sure that the paint covers the entire area.  The best prints come from the thinnest layer of paint.  Start off with a small amount of paint and try to spread it as far as it will go.


Step 2: Using a Q-Tip or your finger, draw your image directly onto the paint.  Make sure to press down firmly enough to clear the paint away.


Step 3: Place your paper on top of your image and gently pat down all over.


Step 4: Gently lift up one corner of your paper and peel it up.


Step 5: See your child’s excitement when they see their very first print!!


Take it Further: For older children, have them write something on the paint and when their print comes up with the wording ‘backwards’ ask them why they think that happened.  Continue to experiment and play around with this concept.


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One thought on “Mono Prints

  1. The colors are so bright and festive! Just what little ones love! Thanks for the idea which I will try, for sure, with my grandson.


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