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Unique Painting Tools That Kids Will Love!

If you follow me on Instagram, then it won’t be a surprise to find out that I LOVE paint!  I love when my kids mix, splatter, stamp and explore with it.  This is why I think this is my favorite post so far!  We are always looking for new, fun and sometimes silly ways to add our mark with paint.  I get asked A LOT, “what kind of paints do you use?” and people are always surprised to find out that I use these amazing kid friendly and washable paints.  Don’t worry about mess, just lay down this splat mat and you’re good to go. Here are some of our favorite painting tools (other than the mighty paint brush!)

Kitchen Utensils:  Open your kitchen drawer and grab whatever you think would make a good print from the paint.  Our favorites were the potato masher and the spatula.  My kids thought it was so funny and cool to get to dip all of our cooking utensils in paint. Clean up was far simpler than what I expected. As soon as they were finished, I rinsed off the utensils and then popped them into the dishwasher.


Forks:  Another idea straight from the kitchen!  We had a ton of leftover plastic forks so decided to use them for painting, obviously!  A favorite of ours is to make ‘tulips’ with the prints.  Of course you can just let your kids explore and create on their own too.


Old Toothbrushes:  My kids get so attached to their toothbrushes that it has always been a struggle to get them to toss the old one when it is time to replace it.  Now when the toothbrushes have finished their lifespan in the bathroom, they get moved to the arts and crafts room.  My kids like the versatility of painting with a toothbrush.  They have discovered that if they flick the bristles then paint will splatter on their pictures, they can tap the brush on the paper or they can glide it across the page.  Each technique creating a uniquely different mark on their page.


Balloons:  This technique came to us through a fun accident!  One child was painting while another was playing with a balloon.  One thing lead to another and the balloon landed in the paint.  After we all had a good laugh, we realized that the balloon actually produces a beautiful mark with the paint.


Make Up Sponges:  These little guys were created to blend, mix and conceal, making them perfect for painting!  Let your kids explore with these by blotting, swirling and dabbing!


Kitchen Sponges:  Cut up a kitchen sponge into small squares, add a clothespin (optional), dip in paint and dab away!


Duplo Legos:  Legos AND paint?!  This is a winning combination!  My 3 year old was shocked and ecstatic that I was letting her cover her blocks in paint.  When she was finished I put her in the bathtub alongside her legos for an easy clean up for all of them!


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10 thoughts on “Unique Painting Tools That Kids Will Love!

  1. Such clever ideas! Potato masher & plastic fork? The combinations are boundless! I especially like the suggestion of toddler and equipment to share a bath at the conclusion. Even more fun and play for the child!


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