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Fun & Easy Ideas For Your Halloween Candy

The aftermath of Halloween is now upon us.  The kids costumes are filthy, our Jack O’Lanterns are starting to rot (how is that already happening?!) and we have more candy than we know what to do with.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I think the kids will love much more than my usual eating all their candy after they go to bed (but lets face it, that will happen too!!)

Candy Milkshakes:  Add whatever candy you want into a blender with ice cream and milk.  Peanut Butter Cups, Whoppers and/or Snickers Bars are hits in our house.halloween-milkshake

Make New Chocolates: Melt your chocolates in the microwave at 30 second intervals, make sure to stir in between until it has melted to a smooth consistency. I always add a small amount of coconut oil to help it blend but that is optional. Carefully pour the melted chocolate into silicone molds (I used alphabet ones) and let cool to create new candy bars.


Math Counters: A great way to make math more fun is by using candy as math counters.  I used candy corn and candy pumpkins with my 3 year old.  Each time she made a new equation she got to eat a candy.  There is nothing like candy to motivate learning!!


Jazz Up Your Movie Night PopCorn:  Add small candies to your popcorn to make your family movie night a little bit sweeter.  We love mixing the sweetness of M&M’s, Candy Corn, Milk Duds or Reese’s Pieces with the saltiness of popcorn.  Be creative, you never know what combination will be your new favorite!


Skittle Experiment:  Place your skittles in a circle on a plate.  Carefully add warm water until it reaches half way up the skittles.  Watch as the colors begin to come off the candy and color the water in such a beautiful pattern. skittles

Freeze Your Chocolate to Bake With Later:  Place your unwrapped chocolate into a dated ziplock storage bag and place into the freezer.  Bring out the bag at a later date to add into milkshakes, cookies dough, brownie batter or even cake mixes.


Donate: If you still have too much candy left over, contact your local food pantry to see if they will accept it.  This is a good opportunity to teach your children about giving to those less fortunate.  You can also donate it to Operation Gratitude.  This is an organization that will send your candy to our troops.


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