Liquid Water Colors · Oil Pastels

Oil Pastels & Water Colors

We have been doing a lot of science experiments involving oil and water (I will post them later) and so this art project was perfect to go along with our theme!  As we learned, oil and water don’t mix.  We applied that knowledge to our art project today using OIL pastels and WATER colors.


Oil Pastels

Water Colors

Paint Brush

Jar for Water



Step 1: Have your child use the oil pastels to draw pictures and/or designs.  Make sure that each shape/pattern they draw is closed in.  If the oil pastel line doesn’t fully meet the other line, then the paints will leak through.


Step 2: Using the water colors, paint inside each shape making sure to stay inside the lines.


Toddlers: To make this activity accessible to the little ones, you can draw larger shapes for them or have them draw large shapes themselves.  With my 3 year old, we worked on rectangles-


and circles:


Secret Messages! Use your white oil pastel to write secret messages.  It will be revealed when you paint on top of it with water colors!  This is so much fun for beginner readers or for play dates!


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