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Ghost Hands

We still have a few more days until Halloween so I am adding this very quick and easy Ghost Hand. Chances are you already have all of these materials on hand.  If you don’t have any craft eyes to glue on, you can just draw them in.


White Paper

Craft Eyes

Black Marker or Pen

Glue Stick

Elmer’s Glue

Black Paper


Step 1: Place your child’s hand flat on the white paper and trace their hand with a pencil.


Step 2: Have your child lift their hand off from the paper.  Connect your lines at the top with a rounded curve (this will end up being the top of your ghost).


Step 3: Cut out the hand print.  You can follow the lines exactly or you can just cut half way up in between the fingers.


Step 4: Turn your hand so the ‘fingers’ are pointing downwards.  Glue on your craft eyes using white glue toward the top of the ghost.  Draw a small circle using a black marker for the ghost’s mouth.


Step 5: For the final touch, you can glue your ghosts onto black paper.




Different Uses:

-Halloween Greeting Card

-Halloween Decoration

-Sweet, handmade gift for a teacher, friend, neighbor or grandparent

-A special memory of how small their hands were!  It would be nice to do one every Halloween and write their name and age on the back to see their growth.

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