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TP Mummy

Halloween TP Mummy

We have had fun making these super cute Mummies and hiding them around our home in preparation for Halloween!  I first saw these at my daughter’s elementary school.  Every Friday her school hosts ‘gazebo art’ during recess and parent volunteers (me included!) come to help assist the children.  We had so many children making these sweet little guys and they all turned out so differently.  It was amazing just how unique each child’s creation was!  I have done these with 2 year olds and up and it is a fantastic, quick craft for all ages.


-Toilet Paper Tubes or Paper Towel Tubes Cut in Half

-Toilet Paper

–  Craft Sticks

– Glue Stick

Craft Eyes



Step 1:   Make sure an adult does this step and be very careful!  With scissors, pierce arm holes through the roll.


Step 2:  Glide your craft stick through the two holes you just made in the previous step.  Make sure that equal amounts of the stick come out of both ends.


Step 3: Using a glue stick, cover your toilet paper roll with glue.  I like to use this purple glue stick which dries clear so the kids can see if they missed any spaces.


Step 4:  Cut the toilet paper in half length ways.


Step 5: While twisting the toilet paper, wrap it around the tube.  Gently press as you wrap it around to make sure the paper sticks to the glue.


Step 6: Pick a place where you want to place the eyes.  Carefully pull some of the toilet paper aside and glue the eyes straight to the tube.



Different Uses:

-Decorations for Halloween

-Craft activity for Halloween parties

-Thoughtful Halloween gifts

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