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Spooky Flour Ghosts

With Halloween around the corner we just had to make some ghosts.  This year we wanted to try something new.  Using flour is a great way to give these little ghost a spooky and realistic feel.  We created them in the kitchen and placed the paper on trays to help keep the flour from going everywhere.  These were the perfect handmade gift to give to the children’s teachers to help celebrate Halloween.



Black Construction Paper

White Paper

Glue Stick

Craft Eyes



Step 1: On the white sheet of paper draw the outline of your ghost and cut it out.  Keep the outside part of the ghost which will become your stencil.  Cut a circle for the mouth out of the remaining paper.  Place the stencil over your black sheet of paper where you want your ghost to go.  Place the mouth in the position you want.


Step 2: While holding down your stencil, cover all the black areas with your glue stick.  Make sure to get all of the edges.  It doesn’t matter if the glue gets on the white paper.


Step 3: Remove the white stencil and the white mouth.  Sift flour all over the black page.  Shake off any excess flour from the page.


Step 4: Add craft eyes to your ghost and he is ready for Halloween!!


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