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Salt Painting

I don’t know how I had never heard of ‘salt painting’ until I had children but am I glad that they get to experience it!  To watch their excitement as the paint travels down the twisting and turning lines and crosses over each other is magical.  This is a fun and easy process art piece to do and most of the times the results are fantastic too!


Liquid Water Colors


White Liquid Glue (like Elmers)




Step 1: Drizzle glue over paper.  Try to do it in one continuous line (not to worry if the littles ones can’t do that).  Its more fun when the lines overlap to try to do lots of criss crossing of the glue.


Step 2: Sprinkle salt all over the page so that it touches all of the glue.  Shake off any excess salt and discard.


Step 3: Using your pipette, suction up some liquid water color and carefully drop some on top of your glue and salt lines.  Watch as the color spreads over the glue.



-A fun way to teach color combinations is use two colors that when mixed create a third color.  Our favorite combination is blue and yellow water colors which creates green when they overlap.

-Using the pipettes is a great way to foster young children’s fine motor skills and get their little hands ready for drawing and writing.

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