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Skeleton Hand

We are loving that our neighborhood is slowly starting to look like a haunted house, we have our Halloween costumes all picked out and we are now in full swing for Halloween arts and crafts.  This skeleton hand is one of our favorites!  The kids love getting their hand painted (lots of giggling) and pretending to put on all the skeleton’s bones!


Black Paper


Paint Brush





Step 1: Have your little one hold their hand out and spread their fingers apart.  Paint white paint onto their palms, fingers and part of their arm.


Step 2: With their fingers still spread apart, slowly have them place their hand down on the paper.  You can gently press each of their fingers down to make sure the paint transfers.


Step 3: Cut a few Q-Tips in half (or whatever length would be good for your child’s size fingers) while leaving 2 in tact.


Step 4: Glue on the Q-Tips so they resemble the bones in the fingers, palms and arm.


Different Uses:

-Halloween Card

-Halloween Decoration

-A keepsake of how small your child’s hand was.

-A way to start a discussion about our bodies and our skeletons.

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