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Creepy, Crawly, Spiders



With Halloween approaching soon, we are getting into the spirit of things with these cute, I mean creepy, crawly, spiders!  The little guys are super easy to make and are fun for all ages.  Little ones have a ball stamping these cute guys and glueing on their googley eyes.  As with any craft with little ones, don’t expect perfection, just let them have fun with it.


Empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls.


Craft Eyes



White Paper

Small Paper Plate

Step 1:

Cut slits in the bottom of the toilet paper roll to get four legs in either side.


Step 2:

Cut off the two extra flaps.


Step 3:

Bend the eight legs so they are flat on the paper when stamping.


Step 4:

Place enough black paint on the paper plate.  Make sure to get it around the plate and not just in the middle.


Step 5:

Press your ‘spider’ into the paint (make sure that all eight legs get some paint on them) and stamp away.  To make sure all of the legs show up on the paper, I found that gently pressing the ‘legs’ onto the paper helps transfer the paint.


Step 6:

Glue on the eyes and you have your very own Creepy, Crawly, Spider!


Different Uses:

Halloween Cards:  We made Halloween cards with these Spiders on the front of the card.  They were super cute and a nice fun surprise to receive in the mail.

Wrapping Paper:  I made wrapping paper using these stamps for a little boy’s birthday that falls right before Halloween.  Instead of glueing on the eyes I used a black sharpie to draw them on so they wouldn’t fall off.

Halloween Decorations:  We had so many of these little guys left over that we cut them out and have taped them up to add to our Halloween decoration.  I’m so scared of spiders but these ones I don’t mind having around at all!

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