Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skill Activities

Cereal Threading:  Add dry spaghetti to some play doh and let your little ones thread cereal onto it.  This activity will keep even the squirmiest ones occupied for a long time.  Make sure to have enough cereal on hand as some may ‘disappear’ 😉 Marshmallow Buildings:  You may remember this activity from your own childhood.… Continue reading Fine Motor Skill Activities

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Crafts

Heart Prints: Fold an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll into the shape of a heart. Have you child dip it in paint and stamp away!  A super simple way for even the littlest ones to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit! Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin:  Sensory bins can magically keep your child occupied… Continue reading Valentines Day Crafts

Valentine's Day

3 School Valentine’s Day Ideas

“I DIG YOU” Valentine: Place Valentine’s day m&m’s into small baggies and include a small shovel, click here to purchase.  Tie the bags with some festive thread, click here to purchase, and a heart shaped tag.  The shovels come with a clear label that reads, ‘I dig you’.  You can alternatively just write it on yourself or have… Continue reading 3 School Valentine’s Day Ideas

Cooking For Kids

Banana Bread Muffin Recipe

After years of tweaking different banana bread and muffin recipes, we have found the perfect one!  These muffins are super enough that your little ones can help out.  My 7 year old now only needs a little guidance from me.  These are perfect for school lunches, after school snacks or playdates.  You can bake these… Continue reading Banana Bread Muffin Recipe

Color Mixing

Teaching Color Mixing To Preschoolers

Color mixing is magic to preschoolers.  Being able to combine two colors to create a third is thrilling.  Preschoolers also LOVE water play.  That is why this activity is such a hit for little ones.  Get some plastic squirt bottles, click here to purchase, add some food coloring and provide some containers.  We used 2 empty jam… Continue reading Teaching Color Mixing To Preschoolers

Homemade Play Doh

Homemade Play Doh Recipes 

My daughters simply LOVE play doh.  I know because I was constantly buying more of it from amazon.  The first time they played with it was wonderful.  Inevitably the colors would all get joined together to make a not so beautiful brown rainbow and/or the lids wouldn’t be placed on properly so we would end… Continue reading Homemade Play Doh Recipes 

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Word Search

Valentine’s day is almost upon us.  As always, we are creating lots of heart shaped crafts, food and gifts.  This year we have a 1st grader who has turned into an avid reader.  I came up with this Valentine’s Day word search to challenge her reading muscles.  Click here to grab your free copy!  … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Word Search